How to Decorate Smart: Curated, Not Cluttered

decorDecorating can add a completely new feel to your home, whether it’s for the holidays or the everyday. The goal is to make everything piece together in a way that looks clean and curated, never cluttered. For the best results, you’ll want to follow these simple décor tricks and tweaks.

How to Shop for a Friend

If you've ever struggled with the gifting process, you're not alone. It isn't always easy shopping for someone else, especially if you haven't seen them in awhile. With social distancing going on for the last couple of years, it's possible you've  lost touch a bit, or might have trouble remembering their latest interests. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around this holiday setback. 
  • Michiko Seto

3 Major Home Decor Mistakes You Could Be Making

Home Decor
If you want to turn a house turn into a home, the right décor is an absolute must. Filling a space with interesting and unique pieces, can really makes it feel special. So, it’s no surprise, that picking the wrong furniture can interfere with the flow. To ace your decorating process, avoid these few major mistakes…
  • Michiko Seto

Why You'll Love Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 Jewelry
If you haven't heard yet of Uno de 50, this high-end jewelry brand could be your next obsession. Uno de 50 was founded in Spain, and the name translates to "one of 50," the reason their jewelry is so incredibly special.