Firefly Weekend Special Starting this Friday

Starting today and ending Sunday, learn more about our Firefly Weekend Special and why this collection is so special to us! 

This event is happening at both Treasures in Long Neck and Treasures in Lewes.

  • Michiko Seto

Treasures in Lewes celebrates seven years in business

“We’ve passed a milestone and we’re celebrating! May marks the seven-year anniversary of Treasures in the Lewes business community,” said owner Michiko Seto.

Treasures in Lewes Storefront

Seto started the Treasures journey in May 2012.  Before she first opened the Treasures in Lewes store, she renovated the interior in record time - upgrades included repainting the interior, replacing the floor coverings, and installing display cabinets all within one week!  In this short time, the store was ready for the jewels, art, Papyrus cards and home décor. Those products and many more fill the store today!  

  • Michiko Seto

New Uno de 50 Initial Necklaces Coming Soon!

Coming in April: Uno de 50 initial necklaces to Treasures in two style necklaces and two sizes in initials these are large also available in gold!

Uno de 50 Nail Necklaces coming to Treasures

  • Michiko Seto

Colby Davis Event at Treasures

Are you looking for a new Jewelry line to inspire you? New this year, Treasures in Lewes and Long Neck brought in the line, Colby Davis.

USA-made this a gorgeous jewelry line that features nautical themed coin-shaped pendants.  Founded in 2014, this line has become extremely popular over the past 5 years.  The pendants are sold individually and can be worn on a Colby Davis chain or a chain you already own.  We are loving stacked necklaces for a fresh look.

Colby Davis Pendants available at Treasures in Lewes and Long Neck

  • Michiko Seto