7 Foolproof Tricks for Matching Clothing to Jewelry

matching clothing to jewelry
Getting ready can sometimes be a bit of a challenge whether you're heading to a banquet or local boutique. Finding a great outfit is one thing, but then matching it to the ideal piece of jewelry is an entirely different story. Maybe you've found a dress you love, but something about your favorite earrings don't quite seem to mix. 
Follow these simple tricks for matching your clothing to jewelry and you'll be set in no time! 

5 Reasons to Love American Jewelry

If you were born in the USA, you might have some special attachment to products that were too. This is completely understandable! It's natural to love and want to support the country you call home. There are also so many reasons to love American-made jewelry. 

How to Make Your Home Décor Different

home decor
Home is where the heart is, and, well, the heart is expressive! Make your house a happy place that speaks to your own personal style. Too often, we see homes stuck in sterile greys: Clean and updated, but with an incredibly boring look. Truthfully, it takes away from the appeal. Home décor should be fun and unique to you. Thankfully, all of the exciting art and furniture available today make revamping your space easy!

Eclat: Jewelry or Art?

Silvi Harwin

If you've been in Treasures recently, maybe you've noticed a stand of bright colorful jewelry that looks like it came right out of a modern art museum. This is none other than the work of Sylvi Harwin, an incredibly talented jewelry designer that deserves artist-level acclaim.