Rehoboth Beach Artist at Treasures in Lewes this Saturday!


Lisa Edmonds of Rehoboth Beach will be the featured artist on Saturday, May 16th , from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Treasures on 2nd Street in Lewes.  Her artwork adorns hundreds of local homes in the area, as well as many homes all over the country.  Her work has even found homes overseas in countries such as Spain, Italy, England and Australia.

It has become commonplace to see Lisa at many of the local art and craft shows in the area.  She prefers to stay local between Lewes and Bethany Beach, as much of the inspiration for her work is the Delaware coastline with its scenic beauty, bountiful sea life and historic landmarks.

Lisa’s most popular item is her 3D shadow boxes.  Starting with a 5” x 7” wooden box, she paints an original acrylic painting on the back, many of which are local beach scenes and landmarks.  Some of the paintings are given the 3D effect with miniature beach fence or elements may be painted on the back of the glass.  Before sealing it behind the glass, Lisa places local beach sand, sea shells, a starfish, a sand dollar and sea glass in the box which is only 1 ½ inches deep.  After it’s sealed, the box can be tilted or shaken to change the sandy landscape or uncover yet unseen treasures.  She then decorates the frame to enhance the painting inside, again using many local elements.  No two shadow boxes are exactly alike.  A wire easel is provided with every shadow box for display.  Lisa will also be displaying some of her acrylics on canvas for those interested in larger pieces.

Take this opportunity to visit Lisa and see her work before the busy season is in full swing and the selection is at its best.    Every shadow box has an owner….somewhere.  Come find yours on May 16th!  For more information, contact Treasures at 116 Second St., Lewes; call 302-644-1660 or go to

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