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Ronaldo Jewelry
For anyone that has ever seen Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, it's clear that every item in the collection would make a lovely gift. Shining with 14k gold and twisting into eye-catching designs, each bangle is absolutely beautiful. However, there is so much more to this brand than what you see at first glance.
Every piece of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry is intended to tell a story, whether it's yours, your friend's, or a loved one's. "Gratitude," "Mother's Love," and "Guardian Angel," are just some of the sentimental names given to each piece. For every big moment in life, there is a corresponding message, feeling, and heartwarming gift from the company. Every thank you, Mother's Day, bridal shower, birthday, and anniversary warrants a reminder of the beauty held in the occasion. 
Ronaldo Jewelry
As each person's journey continues, they have more more moments and more lovely bangles to honor them. Eventually, this stack of bracelets becomes a timeline of your life, sharing your story with the world around you.
According to Ronaldo Designer Jewelry's mission, they, "believe that everyone has a story and are inspired by real women and their journeys through life." It goes on to say that they, "design jewelry with empowering messages to inspire storytelling, celebrate special milestones, and embrace love friendship and faith."
Because the Ronaldo bangles are meant to be paired together, they look all the more stunning as the stack grows. The style of the bracelets are all very cohesive, using the same materials, even though each one holds a very unique design and meaning. 
Ronaldo Jewelry Stack 
Collect them all as you hit each defining moment in your voyage through life, or introduce them to someone special, growing in their own way. Explore them online, or see countless styles available at the Treasures in Lewes or Long Neck! 

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  • Michiko Seto