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Made In The USA Earring Lines

We carry three different collections of 'Made in The USA' earring lines. Read more below about each collection to find out what makes them unique!


Adajio is inspired by the diverse imagery from the ancient art of the Americas to contemporary Asian and European motifs. Each item is infused with color and texture to create a unique visual appeal. 
Each set of earrings is made by hand in Colorado.


Sienna Sky is a fun, casual line of jewelry that is comfortable to wear. This whimsical line is inspired by nature and designed to last for years. Each piece is etched in metal and embellished by hand to create a unique look.
Each set of earrings is made by hand in Colorado.


Founded over thirty years ago, Silver Forest is inspired by natural elements, ancient cultures and a subtle sense of humor in their designs. Denim friendly and casual, Silver Forest is not a trend, it is a lifestyle— which is why we continue to be a top selling jewelry brand.
Silver Forest jewelry is enchanting, playful, filled with color, texture and movement. Our jewelry is made using quality materials and lovingly handcrafted in Southern Vermont.
Each set of earrings is made by hand in Vermont.