5 Creative Ways to Package a Gift Certificate

gift certificate
The holidays are approaching fast, and, while you might know exactly what to get a few people on your list, it’s possible that a few others aren’t so easy to shop for. Whether it’s a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or a neighbor you’ve only met in passing, gift certificates are the ultimate solution to this present-picking predicament. There’s no sense in playing a guessing game, if you know they’ll get the most use out of the items they choose themselves. Start with a gift card to a local boutique, jewelry store, coffee shop, or restaurant, and package it up in a way that makes it truly special.
Try these creative ways to package a gift certificate:
1. Stuff It in a Stocking
Christmas stocking
 Nothing says, “the holidays,” quite like unpacking a prettily decorated stocking. Buy a gift certificate for one of the town’s hottest spots, and stuff it into a stocking with candies, tiny accessories, and other small items like nail polish. It will feel special without a ton of effort, and, the person will have the pleasure of picking the perfect item for themselves. If the gift certificate is for jewelry, the shock factor will be even more stellar.
2. Put It in a Mug
Coffee enthusiasts are everywhere, and the seasonal selection of mugs is amazing! Purchase a gift certificate to a favorite café or gift shop that sells coffee products. Then, put that gift card into a beautiful mug. You can opt for a handcrafted cup, or pick out something with a punny saying, depending on who you are buying for. To build on this present, add a couple of chocolates or biscotti to the mug or add some fresh-roasted beans to the mix.
3. Place it in a Wallet or Bag
Every girl loves a good wallet or bag (and might go through many of them rather quickly)! Sneak a gift card into the one that would appeal to them the most. There are holiday wallets galore, as well as gorgeous seasonal Club Bags shaped like stockings, and colorful options for the rest of the year. Explore them all, and know that the person will get serious use out of this gift.
4. Pair It with a Handwritten Note
Things always feel more heartfelt when they are handwritten. Pair a gift certificate to a person with a lovely letter detailing your best wishes for them. You can explain why they deserve the happiest holiday season possible and how they have touched your life in some way, shape, or form.
5. Hide It in Some Slippers
snoozies slippers
Slippers are almost a holiday gift essential. When it gets cold, there’s nothing better than snuggling up for the season in some great sleepwear and slippers. This source of comfort is a cute gift with tons of variety, and it won’t break the bank. Make your gift certificate a surprise by inserting them into an irresistible pair of slippers like Snoozies. They’ll never expect it, and that makes the present all the more powerful.
While these ideas are all a great start, they’re really just the beginning. There are countless ways to make a gift certificate a very special surprise. Lean on the information you know about the person’s life, wants, or needs to guide you through the process. A little thought and a couple of simple touches can make all the difference. For more help in the gifting process, just ask an in-store associate at Blooming Boutique for assistance! You can also follow us on Facebook @TeasuresInLewes for tips and tricks.

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  • Michiko Seto