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While big-box retailers and major corporations tend to get a lot of the attention, small businesses are vital to our country and the whole world. Small businesses in every corner of the US work together to fuel or economy, keep towns buzzing, and build a sense of community. 
In fact, there are so many reasons that we should shop small, it's saddening how giant retailers tend to be the go-to for everyday purchases. Massive monopolies are taking over as the small guys have been left to suffer. This has been especially evident during the hardship of the last few years. With fewer people leaving their homes to shop, big businesses like Amazon have been able to thrive, feeding on the need for a huge online selection and fast, cheap delivery. 
For the local businesses that have been able to survive, it's important to build up where this loss, widespread tragedy, and operational restraints have led to serious economic hardship. Small businesses have lost money, employees, and, in many cases, the ability to function normally altogether. As Small Business Saturday approaches, its critical that we acknowledge the "little guys" that make our towns stronger every day, and remind ourselves of the need to shop small all year long. 
According to WebsiteBuilder.org, "small businesses in the US employ 47.3% of the American workforce." If small businesses are left to close, while many are unable to work, there will be no jobs to return to in the future. Just think, the almost 60 million people that rely on local shops and restaurants for their livelihood would be completely out of work. 
These small businesses also tend to invest heavily in their people, with "82% of small businesses providing on-the-job training." This helps every employee grow, develop, and, ultimately, better their lives as they hone their skills and rise in the ranks. 
Even if an individual doesn't work "under the company" per se, there is a chance that they still work with the business or benefit from their success. About "42% of small businesses employ freelancers." These people might work independently, and on their own time, but, to them, the businesses they help are essential. 
If this wasn't enough to drive home the importance of small businesses, just reflect on the last time you went to one of your favorite local spots. Chances are, the company only had a few employees. And, if you'd been there on more than one occasion, you probably recognized every face. There's a sense of familiarity and comfort going to small businesses that can't be replicated by the big guys.
Small business owners generally care a lot about every customer they see, and take extra steps to make sure they are meeting the needs of their of their clientele. They work hard to bring in the products that the locals want and use their expertise to guide customers in every purchase decision. 
So, try to remember all of this the next time you need to make a choice between big and small business. Small Business Saturday is really just a good reminder of the mindset we should carry 365 days of the year. 
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  • Michiko Seto