Local Spotlight: Kathy Buschi Art

oil paint
 With Small Business Saturday right around the corner, now is the perfect time to recognize the local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists that make Lewes wonderful. Whether it's one individual or a group, it's important to honor the small-town heroes that provide goods and services to our community. Kathy Buschi is a fabulous example of a Lewes local that enriches our lives with her art.
Kathy Buschi first began painting when her husband, Brendan, gave her some oil paints before the birth of their daughter, Jessica. What seemed like a small, simple gift turned out to have a huge impact on her life. Kathy quickly took to art and sold her first painting when the family was living in New Hampshire. When the family moved to Delaware in 1996, she continued to paint and found herself inspired by the area around her. The work Kathy created was originally available in limited quantities, but her husband, Brendan began printing copies around 2002. 
Kathy's paintings include iconic places in Lewes, including restaurants like Agave, ice cream shops like 2 Dips, and coastal structures like the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse. Her work tugs on the heartstrings of people living in the area, as well as those that grew up spending summers at the Delaware beaches. 
See the collection at Treasures in Lewes today, and try to support amazing locals like Kathy wherever you can! 

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  • Michiko Seto