How to Decorate Smart: Curated, Not Cluttered

Decorating can add a completely new feel to your home, whether it’s for the holidays or the everyday. The goal is to make everything piece together in a way that looks clean and curated, never cluttered. For the best results, you’ll want to follow these simple décor tricks and tweaks.
1. Make Use of the Space You Have
You’ll want to take advantage of the space you have in every room, so just try to do it in the smartest way possible. Buy furniture that is appropriately sized for the space. There is nothing worse than walking into a room that feels overwhelming due to chunky furniture taking up more than their fair share. There should be approximately (at least) three times the walkable space in a room than there is filled with furniture. You’ll feel far more clearheaded and relaxes in a place that abides by this rule. If you are decorating for the holidays, use items like string lights that can be wrapped or hung tightly to walls or furniture without consuming extra area footage.
2. Add Stylish Candles
Candles are an incredible addition, and not only because of their wonderful scents. Candles are truly a piece of décor in their own right. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes adding an extra special touch to the room as well as a homier feel. This is a tasteful item to place on a dresser or table throughout the home, versus a larger figurine or knick-knack. Michel Design Works products are inspired by stationary and always look exceptional.
3. Incorporate Tablecloths
Tablecloths and table runners are another wonderful way to give a piece of furniture a personal touch or spice up a room without going overboard. Classic lace and embroidered fabrics can offer a traditional feel, while more modern styles might just give you the extra pop of color your room needed.
4. Add Area Rugs
Area rugs are probably the most underappreciated addition to any room’s décor. There are so many unique patterns and colors that the looks they offer truly are endless. If you are getting ready for the holidays, you can temporarily switch out your smaller ones for themes appropriate for the season. Lewes Gifts and Bayside Gifts have rugs with fun prints like witches’ feet that are perfect for Halloween, and this is just the beginning. Have a little fun with it.
5. Dismiss What You Can’t Store
As discussed in the first tip, space really does run the show. If the furniture doesn’t fit with room to breathe, then take it out. The same goes for other belongings. In this day, we are inundated with opportunities to stack up on things we don’t necessarily need. It is easy to head into a hoarding mentality or even just accumulate massive amounts of stuff over time. Getting rid of those old jackets you have draped over your couch (because the closet is full) might bring you a sense of peace as well as a fresh, inspiring energy. If you have clutter piling up everywhere, chances are, you’ll eventually be drowning in it and that takes away from the rest of your home. Adopt a Marie-Kondo mentality when decorating your home and if an item doesn’t specifically better your life, let it go.
For more tips and tricks on decorating like a pro, check out some of the articles on the Treasures blog or stop by to ask a store associate today!

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  • Michiko Seto