How to Shop for a Friend

If you've ever struggled with the gifting process, you're not alone. It isn't always easy shopping for someone else, especially if you haven't seen them in awhile. With social distancing going on for the last couple of years, it's possible you've  lost touch a bit, or might have trouble remembering their latest interests. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around this holiday setback. 
Here are some ways to make shopping for a friend easier:
1. Look at Their Social Media Page 
social media
Social media is an absolute savior when it comes to gathering information on people. You can look at it almost like an online directory of people. There are pictures, posts, place check-ins, and so much more to guide you through the process of finding out what is important to the individuals in your life. If it's been a long time since you've seen your friend, but still care to include them in your holiday shopping, start with their Facebook page. Take a look at what they've posted about, and make your purchases relevant to their life. For instance, if they spend a lot of time during the summer on their boat, you might want to get them jewelry that has rhodium-plating to prevent tarnish. In that scenario, you'd opt for some great John Medeiros, or a piece of plated Spartina 449. If they are really attached to their hometown in the Chesapeake area, you could get them a Spartina map handbag covered in the Bay Dreams print.
2. Talk to Their Significant Other 
If you haven't been able to spend every waking minute with your friend, why not consult the person that has? Talking to someone's significant other gives you a completely different insight. Even if your girlfriend's hubby has some odd gift ideas, they can definitely tell you what they've been spending their time doing most recently. If your friend's significant other says that they have been drowning in work, maybe treat them to a spa gift card. If they are heartbroken over a broken watch, maybe replace it with a high quality piece from Bering.
3. Get Some Intel Over Lunch 
People are finally starting to come back together again, so maybe it's the perfect time to reunite with your friends. Gifting season is a great excuse to get together and celebrate your time bonding around food and drinks. Plan a day to have lunch or dinner with your friend. You'll catch up (probably without even missing a beat) and remember just what they need or want. 
Just remember that, when it all comes down to it, the gifts are all about the thought. As long as your present is heartfelt or has meaning, they'll probably love anything that you get them. If you have a general sense of what to buy, but need assistance with the specifics, feel free to talk to any store associate in Treasures today!

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  • Michiko Seto