3 Major Home Decor Mistakes You Could Be Making

Home Decor
If you want to turn a house turn into a home, the right décor is an absolute must. Filling a space with interesting and unique pieces, can really makes it feel special. So, it’s no surprise, that picking the wrong furniture can interfere with the flow. To ace your decorating process, avoid these few major mistakes…
Mistake #1:  Clashing Themes
When it comes to shopping for new décor, it’s easy to get carried away. There are a lot of different options, and you might want them all. The problem is that not everything goes together. You may want that nautical-themed lamp and an antique table with a country-feel, but the sad reality is that they aren’t meant for each other. It is possible to mitigate this problem by having slightly different themes/feels in every room, but you’ll want to keep consistency in each.
Mistake #2: Picking the Wrong Colors
Everything is better with color… to a point. Art and accent furniture can add pops of color that take a room to the next level, however, picking the wrong colors can be a catastrophe to your design. If you need a few ideas, rifle through a few magazines, or explore images on the internet. You’ll see some really good examples of coordinating colors and some unexpected shades paired wonderfully. Light blue lamps paired with white bring a fresh feel, while a green table adds some excitement to a yellow room.  
Mistake #3: Not Shopping Specials
No matter what you plan to change in your home, there is so much to be said about shopping specials. Why pay more when you can get awesome looks for less? You might be able to save a lot by just waiting for the right time to buy. Changes in the season, or surplus stock can result in some serious sales. If you want to redecorate, keep your eyes peeled for major décor deals like the Tiered Home Décor Sale that Treasures in Lewes is running right now. You can layer on more savings with every product you buy!
If you want some additional information about nailing your home décor, feel free to ask a store associate at Treasures today! Our team has an eye for design, and could be the perfect home stylist top answer any lingering questions.

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  • Michiko Seto