Why You'll Love Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 Jewelry
If you haven't heard yet of Uno de 50, this high-end jewelry brand could be your next obsession. Uno de 50 was founded in Spain, and the name translates to "one of 50," the reason their jewelry is so incredibly special. When the company started in the 1990s, they made just 50 of every jewelry design, lending to a constantly-changing flow of fresh styles as well as a unique feel to every item. All of their jewelry since that time has been handcrafted and carries a bold design unlike anything else on the market. Veering away from traditional molds and mass-production mentality, the rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all seem like a form of art. Walking passed a Treasures display case is comparable to being in a museum, with bracelets styled like belts and rings carrying multiple distinctly-shaped jewels. Also, feeling like you have one product from a select batch of expertly crafted jewelry is both incredible and unmatched. Today, Uno de 50 has showcases in fashion capitals all over the world and is even worn by some celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker.
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  • Michiko Seto