3 Things We Love About Spartina Jewelry

Caelan with Spartina 449 Jewelry
If you aren't very familiar with Spartina 449, you're definitely in for a treat. This amazing lifestyle brand creates some of the loveliest little pieces of jewelry off of the South Carolina coast. Matching all of their trendy clothes, nautical handbags, and (yes) pillows, their jewelry has a personal touch that appeals to all. 
These Are the 3 Major Things We Love About Spartina Jewelry:
1. It Is Influenced by the Coast
Mermazing Spartina Necklace
Coming from a beach town like Lewes, anything inspired by the sea has a place in our hearts. Spartina 449 creates all of their products on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina and everything they make is influenced by the shore. The name "Spartina" actually refers to the green cordgrass found on the marshes there. When exploring the jewelry, you find gorgeous earrings that look like oysters, mermaid tail necklaces, and sayings like "sea la vie." 
2. It's Meaningful
Superstar Spartina
Spartina jewelry meaningful for more than those in love with the coast. Their message collection of necklaces are beautiful gifts because of inspirational notes on the boxes. You can pass along words of encouragement, advice, or a dose of positivity to a friend or family member along with the necklace they can wear everyday by their heart. For example, the "Superstar" necklace features a bright shining star with a stone in the center. The message on the box says, "brave and bright, lovely & luminous - it's just who you are superstar!" This necklace is an amazing birthday or graduation gift to a loved one! 
3. Quality Material 
Dance Necklace Spartina
Spartina jewelry is made with high quality materials at an amazing price point for a gift. Their jewelry uses gold, silver, and rhodium-plating to ensure a gorgeous shine, as well as durability against the elements. Rhodium-plating is the number one way to protect jewelry from tarnish and wear around the salty air. 
While these main reasons to love Spartina jewelry could probably be split up into a thousand more, this sums up some the major strengths of the brand in our books. Spartina jewelry is all the more irresistible when you see it in-person. It is collectible whether you are buying it for yourself or someone you care about. Once you've seen their jewelry, you might also want to explore some of their other amazing products like handbags, quilts, and pillows. Stop in to Treasures in Lewes or Long Neck to learn more today!

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  • Michiko Seto