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Trick to Keeping Jewelry Clean and Safe

John Medeiros Jewelry
Jewelry is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when talking about your most prized possessions. It is an investment, and a beautiful one at that!
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6 Sneaky Places to Keep Your Jewelry

jewelry drawer
If you’re a big fan of shiny accessories, you might find, that as your jewelry collection grows, your space does the complete opposite. Jewelry boxes are great, but how many can you collect before they take over your house? 

7 Foolproof Tricks for Matching Clothing to Jewelry

matching clothing to jewelry
Getting ready can sometimes be a bit of a challenge whether you're heading to a banquet or local boutique. Finding a great outfit is one thing, but then matching it to the ideal piece of jewelry is an entirely different story. Maybe you've found a dress you love, but something about your favorite earrings don't quite seem to mix. 
Follow these simple tricks for matching your clothing to jewelry and you'll be set in no time! 

5 Reasons to Love American Jewelry

If you were born in the USA, you might have some special attachment to products that were too. This is completely understandable! It's natural to love and want to support the country you call home. There are also so many reasons to love American-made jewelry.