7 Foolproof Tricks for Matching Clothing to Jewelry

matching clothing to jewelry
Getting ready can sometimes be a bit of a challenge whether you're heading to a banquet or local boutique. Finding a great outfit is one thing, but then matching it to the ideal piece of jewelry is an entirely different story. Maybe you've found a dress you love, but something about your favorite earrings don't quite seem to mix. 
Follow these simple tricks for matching your clothing to jewelry and you'll be set in no time! 
1. Higher the Neckline, Bigger the Statement
tagua high neckline
If you love a high neckline, simply for the statement it makes or the level of modesty, your jewelry really has a chance to shine. The coverage provided by the clothing creates an open canvas to make your jewelry draw the attention it deserves. Go with a large, shorter, chunkier necklace to really wow a crowd. Pieces from Oceana, Uno de 50, and Tagua are great options for creating a fashionable moment. The size of the pieces made by these brands are ideal for higher necklines. Play with exciting colors and contrasts to heighten the impact. Think a white shirt with a high neckline against the bold blues and greens in a Tagua necklace. Wow.
2. Keep the Necklace Small with a Sweetheart 
Going sweet? Your jewelry should send the same message. This is the perfect time to choose a smaller, sweeter, and more delicate piece of jewelry to complete the look. A small pendant like the ones by Spartina is right on point for this tip. Spartina necklaces are very dainty and sweet. They also tend to have sentimental value based on the message associated with their charm. Keep this wonderfully versatile piece close to your heart with the neckline that's just as soft. 
3. Go Long with a Loose V-Neck or Boat Neck 
mud pie loose v-neck
There's something so completely trendy about a very long chain. If you're wearing something with a relaxed fit and a fashion-forward style, this necklace could be for you. Long necklaces look great with loose v-necks and boat necks, especially when they have a loose "batwing" or three-quarter-length sleeve. 
4. Don't Let It Get Covered by a Cowl
cowl neckline
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when picking out jewelry for your outfit, is letting one dominate the other entirely. This is likely to be the case when you choose a piece of jewelry with a chain that is the same length as your cowl neckline. If you aren't familiar with a cowl neckline, this is the look with waves of layered fabric hanging across the front. If you pick a small necklace that falls below the front of your top, then your jewelry isn't visible, ultimately, losing its effect. 
5. Pick a Focal Point 
When planning an outfit, decide where you want the attention to lie. If you're new bracelet is your latest obsession, maybe you want people to notice that first. In that case, you'd wear clothing with shorter sleeves and maybe a bit more subdued to let the piece around your wrist really shine. If you're go-to dress is something you'd prefer highlight because of its flattering cut and adorable print, maybe you don't need to do as much with the jewelry. Then, you'd be better off with less jewelry and smaller pieces that don't attract as much attention.
6. Keep the Look Cohesive 
cohesive look
No matter what the focal point of your look is, you'll want to ensure that it all goes together cohesively. Probably the biggest element of this topic has to do with level of dressiness. The clothing and jewelry should give off the same vibes rather than contradict each other. For example, you don't want to throw on a sundress and then deck out your look with jewelry intended for a gala or ball. It just looks strange. If you are preparing for a big event and plan to wear a full-length gown, long, large statement earrings are appropriate. If you are hitting the mall in a pair of jeans, you can wear big earrings, but they should seem casual enough for everyday wear. Not completely comfortable with your judgement? Take a peek at the ads for your jewelry brands to see what clothing the models are wearing. This might give you some ideas on what to wear them with in your own life. 
7. Let Your Ears Do the Work When Strapless
amanda blu earrings
Strapless tops and dresses are a little unique in that they draw attention to your face. When the shoulders are free of straps or additional fabric from a higher neckline, the eyes go right to your head. This is the ideal time to wear some statement earrings. Hanging earrings from Sienna Sky and Adajio are beautiful options that can shine in this situation. These brands have lines of earrings that are truly beautiful, with color blends that are more striking the longer you look at them. Amanda Blu costume jewelry is another fun choice when letting the ears steal the show. 
If you want any extra help matching earrings to your outfit, you can always ask an in-store associate for their recommendations. Buying the earrings and clothing at the same time provides the opportunity for this support. All of the sales associates at Treasures in Lewes or Long Neck have the know-how and would be happy to help you in any way possible. You can even catch a glimpse of style choices put together in the windows of close stores like Blooming Boutique. 

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  • Michiko Seto