5 Reasons to Love American Jewelry

If you were born in the USA, you might have some special attachment to products that were too. This is completely understandable! It's natural to love and want to support the country you call home. There are also so many reasons to love American-made jewelry. 
These are the top reasons to adore jewelry made in the USA:
1. It supports local friends and family.
When you buy jewelry close to home, you know that you are supporting the people around you. It is your brothers and sisters in the area making the goods that you are purchasing and showing off to the world. Our neighbors, close friends, and fellow patriots are the ones pouring their hearts and souls into the jewelry we are buying. This makes every piece have much more sentimental value.
2. It could be better for the planet. 
If you are buying jewelry locally, this could mean that there is much less travel involved in getting the products to you. Travel requires big, heavy gas-powered machinery, the same ones that pollute our environment. If you choose to buy a bracelet from a friend up the block or a US-based jeweler, there is significantly less equipment needed, maybe none at all. Over time, this might have a positive effect on the environment as you do your part to cut down on pollution.
3. It supports our economy.
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By giving money to local businesses, you are feeding our nation's economy. Instead of sending money overseas, you are fueling our economy and helping the companies right in our backyard. When our economy succeeds, we all succeed. This is definitely something to feel good, and will give you more appreciation of your American jewelry.
4. It makes you proud to wear something from home.
There is something so satisfying about wearing something that comes from the same place as you. It is almost like there is an intangible bond between a product and a person that originate from the same place. Wearing stones from the land we explore and live on can make you feel even more proud of your history or connection to the place.
5. There are excellent makers and designers in the USA.
Finally, American-made jewelry just rocks. There are some fantastic jewelry producers right within this country. John Mederiros jewelry is flat-out captivating, and native to Rhode Island. T. Jazelle, right out of Cape Cod, MA is fun, eclectic, and irresistible. Ronaldo Designer Jewelry is made in the USA and offers a pretty, polished look with it's pearls, gold, and silver stacking bracelets. It doesn't even end there! Sienna Sky earrings are American and unlike anything else with their use of colors. Pam Arzinger is located right here in Lewes, and her stone jewelry catches a few glances in addition to the light. These US jewelry designers make necklaces, rings, and earrings that are not only beautiful, but they are also high quality.
So, the next time you plan to treat yourself to some new jewelry, keep this information in mind. American-made jewelry is something to appreciate, and definitely worth the attention. No need to go somewhere else, when everything you need and more has been by you all along.

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  • Michiko Seto