How to Make Your Home Décor Different

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Home is where the heart is, and, well, the heart is expressive! Make your house a happy place that speaks to your own personal style. Too often, we see homes stuck in sterile greys: Clean and updated, but with an incredibly boring look. Truthfully, it takes away from the appeal. Home décor should be fun and unique to you. Thankfully, all of the exciting art and furniture available today make revamping your space easy!
Experiment with these ways to make your home décor different from the rest:
1. Go for Color.
colorful yellow cabinet
Color is key, so we’ll start here. There are many ways to incorporate color into your home décor, so that it stands out from the rest. Based on the hues that speak to you, pick out a few coordinating colors from a color wheel. Use these colors when picking out the shade for your walls and accent furniture. For instance, you might choose a light shade of blue for the walls of a room, and then fill it with darker, navy furniture and art. A dark blue side table with a nautical theme and a navy lamp decorated with rope might be the perfect pair to make the look. Before you know it, you have a beachy theme for the mermaid at heart. Art can also tie a number of colors together, if need be, but you might be surprised how good some colors look together. Explore some home decorating magazines to get a few ideas.
2. Experiment with Wall Art.
crab wall art
If the house is the dress, think of art as the great pair of shoes to finish off the look. Art is probably the most expressive piece of home décor available, so the possibilities really are endless. Simple, traditional art can bring an old-fashioned feel or have a completely modern appeal depending on the particular piece. Paintings are so incredibly diverse that there will most likely be several that speak to your taste and go with your other furnishings. Hanging wall art brings another level of dimension to a space as well. Shell-filled wreaths, hanging fish, and acid-washed aluminum images of the beach can be complete game-changers, bringing an experience to the home you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Don’t be afraid to try something new!
3. Bring on the Statues.
fisherman statue
If you have extra space in the room that just makes your home feel empty, fill it with a statue. Statues can truly make an area of the home special. Classic wooden sculptures, like the amazing fisherman piece at Treasures seem totally one-of-a-kind and pull at the heart in a vastly different way. Herons of all different sizes are also available to add an untraditional element to the home. Place them by side tables or nearby couches.
4. Play with Materials.
Mixing up your materials is almost always a good idea! If you want to be different with your décor, you can accomplish this step in many ways. Think of using patterned fabric for couches in one room, instead of leather, if you’ve always opted for that in the past. Explore collections of painted wooden lamps over stainless steel or brass for a change of pace. If you have paintings in every room of the house, consider changing some to hanging aluminum elements or wall clocks.
5. Get Fancy with Frames.
fancy frame
Make your home more personal than ever by displaying your pictures everywhere in beautiful frames. There are so many moments in life to cherish and probably twice the number of those in photos. Frames are a very diverse category. There are picture frames for tables and walls in just about every different style and color. You can complement your other home décor by choosing frames of a similar or coordinating color. No two pictures look the same, and, as long as they go together to fit an overall theme, the same might apply to your frames.
6)     Learn your options for light.
Light can be the defining factor in a room. A room with little light might create a darker, quieter vibe, which is great for a bedroom, but, as for a living room: not so much. Adding lamps are a great way to create a brightened and inspiring space that is true to you. There are many different table and standing lamps to choose from, and the more interesting the place you find them from, the more interesting they’ll be. Treasures carries lamps in all different colors, heights, and designs. Take a chance on a lamp with a lighthouse base or one with painted fish on it. This small home décor change may end up being your favorite in the house!
No matter what, your home is your space. It should cater to your needs while supporting your style. There’s no need to stick with cookie-cutter looks set in place by home builders or every other neighbor on the block. Step outside of the box with these tips and let your creativity show!
If you’re interested in finding some special new home décor today, swing by Treasures in Lewes or the store inside a store in Long Neck today!


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  • Michiko Seto