Eclat: Jewelry or Art?

Silvi Harwin
If you've been in Treasures recently, maybe you've noticed a stand of bright colorful jewelry that looks like it came right out of a modern art museum. This is none other than the work of Sylvi Harwin, an incredibly talented jewelry designer that deserves artist-level acclaim. 
Silvi Harwin necklaceSilvi Harwin earrings
Sylvi Harwin's jewelry is incredibly contemporary, sharp, and sculptural. All of the pieces are made from an anodized aluminum dyed in almost every eye-catching color under the sun. She uses a process that changes aluminum hydroxide to aluminum oxide, then electro-chemically treats it, and dyes it. This translates to each piece being a little bit unique, non-corrosive, and permanent in coloring! If her earrings, cuffs, necklaces were enlarged to mass proportions, they would easily be mistaken for mobiles or figurines, and they are made to last. According to the dictionary, "Eclat" translates to "brilliant display or effect," so it is no surprise this name is given to her jewelry. Sylvi Harwin does create some mobiles and wall pieces, but the jewelry is unlike anything else in its category, so it strikes the viewer a bit differently. Interestingly enough, 
Sylvi Harwin's creations have been featured in some museum shops, as well as popular TV shows like "Star Trek- The Next Generation" and "Cheers." Treasures carries a great selection of her bracelets, necklaces, and earring sets, in addition to fun eyeglass holders. Explore the entire collection in-store today!

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  • Michiko Seto