The Best Kept Secret to Clean Jewelry

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Jewelry gets dirty fast, and, chances are, that your jewelry is much dirtier than it even looks!
If you live anywhere near saltwater and sand, then it's probably even worse. The outdoor elements take a serious toll on jewelry, tarnishing, and taking over til there’s no shine left. At that point, you might not even feel inclined to wear it! Awful, we know.
Well, there is a solution… and it’s probably one you never even knew existed. One small product is a complete powerhouse when it comes to cleaning, but it isn’t widely advertised.
Lavish is essentially the jewelry genie, granting three wishes: 
1. Remove tarnish 
2. Restore shine 
3. Clean in a jiff
This jewelry cleaner was created by a third-generation gemologist and is safe for diamonds, pearls, gold, platinum, and so much more! The only gems you want to be careful around are amber and Ethiopian opal. It comes in a little pump, and applies with a simple squeeze. Lather it onto your favorite pieces, and watch as the dirt visibly starts to come off in 10-30 seconds. You can gently rub Lavish on with a small brush, but the product really does the work for itself. Then rinse, and you’re done! 
Lavish restores jewelry to like-new conditions, so that you can enjoy it as much as the day you bought it for years to come. 
If you look up how to jewelry online, you’ll find a lot of very interesting solutions. Everything from baking soda to toothpaste to dish soap. Yikes. If you love your jewelry, you’ll want a cleaning solution you can trust, and the visual alone of globbing toothpaste onto your prized necklaces doesn’t seem to cut it. 
Ready to take on that tarnish?
Swing by our store in Lewes or Long Neck for more information, and feel free to ask an in-store associate for any other jewelry cleaning questions!

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  • Michiko Seto