6 Sneaky Places to Keep Your Jewelry

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If you’re a big fan of shiny accessories, you might find, that as your jewelry collection grows, your space does the complete opposite. Jewelry boxes are great, but how many can you collect before they take over your house? Worse, if you’re the unlucky victim of a theft, you can pretty much kiss all of those glistening crystals goodbye. Those boxes might as well have a "most valuable items" sticker right across the front, just asking to be taken.
So, instead, make use of what you have in your home and try some of these sneaky, unconventional spots to hide your jewelry…
6 Unique Places to Store Jewelry:
1. Piece of Pottery
 Polish pottery
Try taking advantage of that beautiful little piece of pottery in your home. Little Polish pottery dishes are easily loved and collected for their designs, but there’s no reason you can’t actually put things in them. The smallest of pottery pieces make great places for keeping a couple of rings or pairs of earrings. Even if you just have one close to the sink, it can be a wonderful place for these items while you wash your hands or face.  
2. Spice Container 
Throwing away old spices? Keep the container! These little plastic vessels can easily be reused as jewelry containers for the most eco-friendly individuals. They are the ideal size for keeping the smallest items from getting lost, or placing just a few pieces of jewelry when packing for a trip.
3. Spare Wallet 
Scout IDKase
Many people actually have way more wallets and crossbody totes than they actually need for cash and cards. The smallest wallets or ID key tags can also be used to place a few pairs of earrings or bracelets. If you have a few clear ID key tags or wallets, you can place different sets of jewelry in each to organize by look when traveling. Think of something like Scout's Sheer Madness or IDKase.
4. Hanging Makeup Bag
Scout makeup bag
Hanging makeup bags are absolutely amazing for their space-saving capability. Organize all of your jewelry into the different pockets, and just set it up right over the door to your closet. All of your jewelry will be easily accessible when you need it, and stored away when you don't.
5. Medicine Bottle
medicine bottles
Medicine bottles probably pile up even faster than your jewelry. Someone always has a medication for something. Instead of tossing these in the trash, use them as travel holders. As mentioned earlier with the spice containers, you can just put a necklace, matching earrings, and bracelet in each so that you have your pieces of jewelry organized by the day.
6. Ziploc Bags in Drawer
Ziploc Bags
Unlike a bulky box, Ziploc bags lie flat and store simply. Take your organization to another level by placing each outfit's jewelry into its own zip-top bag and labeling it on the outside. Say you have some favorite accessories for a particular red dress, write "red dress" in a Sharpie on the outside and place it away into a drawer. You can do the same thing, labeling by designer. The bags will keep out moisture and dirt until you need to wear the jewelry. 
Storing jewelry doesn't need to be complicated, and sometimes its fun to think of outside-of-the-box solutions. Try all of these options, and let us know if you have a favorite. Or, if you have another idea altogether, feel free to share with us on social media @ShopBloomingBoutique.
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  • Michiko Seto