A Totally New Approach to Jewelry with Tagua

woman wearing Tagua necklace
Tagua is sustainability, style, and so so much more… 
Inspired by and created in the founder’s home village in Ecuador, Tagua creates captivating pieces of jewelry that do just as much good for the planet as they do for your wardrobe. 
Tagua jewelry is known for its bold, statement-making look. The brand uses exciting colors, patterns, and shapes that stand out from the everyday, taking any look up a notch. There are chunky, fashion-forward earrings, layered necklaces, and bracelets both for wearing alone or stacking. The pieces offer a window into a life that is vibrant and full of culture. 
Perhaps less known, this jewelry is made of a game-changing natural source called “Tagua nut.” This wonder nut is completely sustainable, and has the power to be the material of the future. Many companies opt for ivory in their jewelry, which attaining can cause harm to both the rainforests and elephants. Tagua nut offers a comparable (if not better look) while protecting these special animals and patches of land. Raising Tagua nut also restores CO2 levels to give back to the Earth rather than take from it. But, this isn’t all! The Tagua nut that Tagua uses is organic, colored with non-toxic vegetable dyes, and strong enough to create long-lasting jewelry. 
The company doesn’t stop there. Tagua cares just as much about people as they do the planet and creating beautiful jewelry. All of their collections are handcrafted by the people of Ecuador. They empower their workers and believe strongly in uplifting the community with work that gives back. In fact, the very first necklace that the founder Soraya Cendeno fashioned earned money to support Autism Awareness. 
The reasons to love Tagua continue to flow in on every level. Whether you care deeply about supporting humankind, protecting animals, making the world more the eco friendly, or just making a killer fashion statement, the brand has an element that truly speaks to everyone. 
Tagua jewelry is available both at Treasures in Lewes and Long Neck inside Blooming Boutique (the store inside a store). Explore all of the collections online or in-person today! 
Photo Cred: Tagua Jewelry

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  • Michiko Seto