Give Your Home A Coastal Vibe!


If you love your home décor, this can be a great thing, but it can also get tiring looking at the same things all the time!  When looking at your surroundings or thinking about your second home, there may be a few things you want to change, redo or improve upon.  This is where the fun begins! Is a coastal vibe something you’ve been thinking about creating for your home?

Why choose a coastal theme?  Coastal décor is synonymous with creating an interior style that can be fun or whimsical to relaxing, refreshing and serene. Coastal vibe is all about nature and the outdoors and can be very nurturing to the senses.  Elements include sand, wood, water and salt air breezes.  Oceans, bays, inland waterways and marshlands are home to coastal wildlife which include an array of birds, fish, crabs, seashells and yes mermaids!  Are your senses stirring yet?  Can you smell the salt air?

If you like the sound of the style I described, you should try a coastal theme in your space.  I have many coastal elements in my home and when I see them, I feel "at home".  Being from the area I slowly incorporated my favorite coastal pieces into my home; ultimately creating a unique style I call Coastal Eclectic Hemmingway.  You can create your own coastal style and give it a name all your own!

At Treasures, we specialize in home décor and home accents.  In keeping with our location by the Delaware beaches, we love to feature décor that has a coastal flair and can help you bring that beach vibe to your home!  We have several artwork collections such as artwork from local artist Kathi Buschi and Millwood to lamps, décor and accent pieces that lend themselves to an incredibly comfortable beachy feel.


Kathie Buschi is a self-taught local artist who has won several awards but her greatest award comes when people tell her that her paintings make them feel happy. (WHYY interview)
Millwood: Printed with state-of-the-art technology Millwood is beautiful local art printed directly on real wood.


In creating your interior design there are several ways to approach it.  Creating vignettes, small areas that group like items together, can be very attractive.  Push the space by making as much of it as you can with many accents including pillows and throws, or go for minimalism, with just one or two pieces.  At the end of the day, you really can't lose as long as you love the items you are using.  Personal design, whether décor or fashion is all about you creating something that makes you happy.  Here are some samples from our Treasures in Lewes location.  We love the beach and all its natural beauty.  We hope our ideas will help you capture a coastal vibe in your home!


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  • Michiko Seto